Edging Tape

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ABS Edging Tape

Product Use : edging for cabinet / kitchen doors and solid core doors, hollow doors, work tops, table tops, ideal for use in heavy duty areas.

ABS EdgingABS EdgingABS Edging

Application: Edging can be applied by using conventional hot melt edge banders. Contact adhesive or water based adhesive can also be used.

Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, or ABS, is a high quality thermoplastic used to make impact resistant, thermally resilient, light, rigid and environmentally friendly products.

As ABS does not contain material fillers it is around 30% more lightweight than PVC. ABS has a high heat resistance. It softens at around 100°C, which makes it suitable for use in places the temperature may be high, for example, near an oven in a kitchen. It is one of the best thermoplastic materials at resisting shrinkage, warping or de-lamination in areas with elevated heat.

With the increase in demand for high quality durable furniture, plastic edging has risen in popularity across the industry. Available in a variety of thicknesses & colours, it offers an excellent finish for relatively low costs. It should be applied using a hot melt edge bander.

Quasar stock a wide range of 0.5mm /0.8mm/1.0mm/2.0mm thickness in the following texture, Smooth/Pearl & Pore

ABS (High Gloss) Design Edging

Acryl 3D/ ABS high gloss / Aluminium / Veneer sandwich edging. The application field of design edging is practically unlimited; it depends only upon your ideas. They are suitable for customers with high standards and demand.

A?BS Gloss EdgingA?BS Gloss EdgingA?BS Gloss Edging

Acryl 3D – 23 x 1mm 23 x 2mm & 43 x 2mm

ABS – 22x0.5mm 22x0.8mm 22x1mm 22x2mm 32x2mm 42x2mm

ABS (high gloss) 23 x 1mm & 42 x 1mm

Aluminium – ABS edging with aluminium foil. 22 x 1mm 22 x 2mm & 34 x 2mm

Veneer sandwich edging – The length and thickness of the rod depends on the type of wood species

Melamine Edging

This traditional type of edgbanding is the ideal way to finish off exposed edges of MFC. Available in a multitude of colours to match the most popular decors on the market, it comes in both un-glued for use with gluepot edgebanders or pre-glued for use with hot air reactivation machines, or even the trusty iron. Is ideal for professional use .Our range of colours include White, Black, Cream, Silver & Grey in a variety of finishes. We also stock wood effect melamine including Walnut, Cherry, Oak, Beech & Mahogany. Melamine edging strips are an ideal way to finish the exposed edge of melamine faced chipboard or other boards. Our melamine edging comes in the following sizes.

Melamine EdgingMelamine Edging

Glued 22 mm x 0.5mm 50metre rolls. | Unglued 22mm x 0.5mm 100metre rolls.

Real Wood Veneers

If your veneered panel requires a clean and solid wood finish , you'll find that real wood veneer edge banding is an easy solution. Edge banding is real wood veneer that is pre-sanded and available in several sizes.

Real Wood VeneersReal Wood Veneers

High quality, fleeced, sanded. Giving an authentic solid wood finish to veneered table tops, worktops, cabinets and shelving. Suitable for use with veneered MDF or other boards.

Available in several widths 22, 30 & 50mm and many finishes including Oak, Birch, Cherry. Maple & Walnut. Lengths from. 50 metre rolls to 200 metre rolls, samples also available.